Antonio Robledo


The composer Antonio Robledo (Hanover-born Armin Janssen) has lived in Zurich for a good forty years. His artistic work is concentrated in the main in Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Spain. He has worked in these countries along with his wife, the acclaimed choreographer Susana, for various ballet companies (e.g. the National Ballet of Toronto, Zurich Opera House). This partnership has given rise to works like Obsesión, A Juan, La Celestina and El canto nómada, musical dramas, which the Flamencos en route dance company performs in its repertoire.

He is also well known for his collaboration with Spain's most innovative Flamenco singers, Enrique Morente and Carmen Linares, the most famous and most colourful Flamenco singer of the modern day. His compositions uniquely marry the symphonic world of the concert hall with the archaic sounds of the Flamenco song. His Flamenco compositions bear testament to his in-depth knowledge of the Flamenco song. His command of rhythm and musical structures in the songs, which he works into his symphonic works, give rise to music that is restricted neither by borders nor race, music in which beauty and powers of expression predominate. It is a unique combination brought about by sensitive dialogue between tradition and the contemporary world. His unmistakable dance scores have never been a mere musical backdrop for the dance in terms of their power and incisiveness. They blend with the choreography to create impressive scenes of music and dance rolled into one, rarely experienced before.


  • Romance Carmen y Don José - music for vocals, guitar, piano and percussion
  • La Celestina - for male and female flamenco singer, oboe, classical guitar and flamenco guitar, piano and percussion
  • Los siete puñales - Spanish ballet español in three parts for orchestra / National Ballet Toronto, Canada
  • Soledad - Spanish ballet for orquestra / Opera Ballet Zurich, Switzerland
  • Obsesión - Composition based on themes by Enriwue Morente / Flamencos en route 
  • El canto nómada - 4 voices, flamenco vocals, piano, percussion / Flamencos en route
  • Soleá and the Winds - Stringquintet, piano, oboe, percussion / Flamencos en route


  • Fantasias de cante jondo - 1986, for flamenco vocals and orquestra
  • Alegro Soleá - 1990, for flamenco vocals, piano and string orchestra


  • Madrid, Teatro Real (Fantasias) 1986
  • Cordoba, Mezquita (Fantasias) 1987
  • Sevilla, Reales Alcazares (Alegro Soleá) September 1990
  • Cadiz, Teatro Falla (Alegro Soleá), May 1990
  • Granada, Palacios de Carlos V, Festival int. de música y danza (Fantasias / Alegro Soleá) July 1992
  • Cordoba, Mezquita (Alegro Soleá) July 1992
  • Almería (Alegro Soleá) October 1992
  • Paris, Cité de la musique (Alegro Soleá) 1995
  • Madrid, Teatro de la Zarzuela (Alegro Soleá) 1995
  • Zürich, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee (Alegro Soleá) 1997